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SAFE SHAPE was conceived by Greg Scott and constructed in partnership with Chicago-based architect-designer Andrew Santa Lucia and is generously supported by the Drug Policy Alliance.

Greg ScottGreg Scott

Greg Scott is a visual sociologist, filmmaker, and artist at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. His work focuses on harm reduction policy and practice, drug user activism, and the social practices among injection drug users. Greg is also the founder and president of Sawbuck Productions, Inc., a non-profit media production company that works to inspire social change through images and sound. For more information, please visit Sawbuck Productions.  

Andrew Santa LuciaAndrew Santa Lucia

Andrew Santa Lucia is an architect, educator and writer focused on the intersection of interior architectures, political activism and vernacular exchanges between people, buildings and cultures. Through highlighting opportunistic and optimistic exchanges between interiors, cities and people, his design and criticism create plastic propositions for lifestyle to change the way we receive and experience architecture. For more information, please visit ANDORUS.


Kirsten Forseth Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Matt Curtis VOCAL-NY (NYC)
Taeko Frost Washington Heights Corner Project (NYC)
Haven Wheelock Outside/In (Portland, OR)
Holly Bradford San Francisco Drug Users Union
Shannon Knox San Francisco Drug Users Union
Jamie Favaro Injection Drug Users Health Alliance (NYC)
Dawn Valadez Freelance Film Production (San Francisco)
Michael Siever San Francisco AIDS Foundation

SAFE SHAPE Project Advisors

Laura Thomas Drug Policy Alliance (San Francisco)
Liz Evans Community Insite (Vancouver, BC)
Mark Townsend Portland Hotel Society (Vancouver, BC)
Ania Jaworska University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, School of Architecture
Sarah Evans Open Society Foundations
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SAFE SHAPE Interview

The Drugreporter team filmed a piece about the Safe Shape during the Drug Policy Alliance conference in 2015. The video features an interview with Greg Scott who came up with the original idea for SAFE SHAPE.