Push to Allow Safer Consumption Spaces

VOCAL New York is on a statewide tour this week to talk about safe consumption spaces and combating drug overdoses. These spaces are also known as supervised injection facilities. They give heroin users and others a place to take drugs with medical professionals on hand in case something goes wrong. Canada already has some facilities, and Europe has had them for years. The idea has been proposed in Ithaca and New York City. But state law would need to be changed to allow them. Joining us to make the case for doing that are Terrell Jones and Robert Suarez from VOCAL NY and Cortney Lovell from WRise Consulting.

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SAFE SHAPE Interview

The Drugreporter team filmed a piece about the Safe Shape during the Drug Policy Alliance conference in 2015. The video features an interview with Greg Scott who came up with the original idea for SAFE SHAPE.